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Hostel Room Types

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What are the different Hostel Room types?

Hostels offer all kinds of rooms, in different types: from Dorm rooms to Private rooms and from Single, Twin, Double and Family rooms. Private rooms may or may not have their own private Ensuite bathroom. So you should know what are the different Hostel room options so that you can find your hostel room quickly and know exactly what you are booking. This page is an overview of Hostel room types:

bunks in a Hostel Dorm Room

Hostel Dorm room with bunks in the , The Netherlands

Types of Hostel Rooms

There are two hostel room categories and each has its sub-categories:

  1. Dorm Rooms
    • Female Dorm Rooms, "dorms exclusively for women"
    • Hostel Dorm room with Bunks, only bunk beds in the dorm
    • Dorm Room with single beds, separate beds, no bunks
  2. Private Rooms
    • Single Room, single bed for one person
    • Twin Room, room with two separate beds for 2 people (may be a bunk)
    • Standard Double Room, a double bed for two people
    • Family Room, room with beds for +3 people
    • Apartment has its own kitchen.
  3. For all rooms: Shared or Ensuite bathroom options

Below we describe each of these types of rooms:

1. Dorm Rooms

All hostels have Dorm rooms. They are rooms which you share with fellow travellers. You book your single bed in a room with many beds.

The smallest Hostel Dorm Rooms have 3 beds. And bigger rooms many beds. Bigger rooms are cheaper.

There may be lockers or safety deposit boxes where you can store your valuables in the room also.

The average dorm room has four beds. Beds are usually single or bunks and some even offer a double bed for couples. So there are different variations within Dorm Rooms:

Above we picture a Hostel Dorm Room with bunks, in The Netherlands, and below is one in Tokyo, Japan, this one has curtains on its bunks:

bunks with curtains in a Hostel Dorm Room
Curtains on the bunks of this dorm room. Oak Hostel Zen, Tokyo, Japan

Female Dorm Room

This is a "girls only" dorm room so no men are allowed in the female travelers dorm.

Dorms with Bunks

The most common type of dorm, it has bunks, like the two hostels pictured above.

Dorms without bunk beds

These are less packed, and the single beds give it a more uncluttered appearance.


These are becoming more frequent in Asia (whose large cities are usually space strapped) they offer privacy (thanks to the pods which have their own power supply and curtains).

Tip for large Groups

A large group can book the entire Dorm Room and ensure more privacy for its members.

2. Private Rooms

These rooms are not shared with other travellers, they are similar to those found at other types of accommodation (hotels, lodges), but they too have their variations:

Single Private Rooms

Rooms for one (1) passenger in a single bed.

Twin Hostel Private Room

This room has two (2) separate beds (that is why it is a "Twin" room), and fits two passengers. Note that some twin rooms have a bunk bed (and not two single beds on the floor). Ask before booking.

twin room, two separate beds in a Hostel
Two separate beds in a Twin Room Mirante do Arvrao, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Double Room

This comes with one bed that fits two people, a double bed, which may have different sizes (queen or king).

Hostel Double room with a large double bed
Large Double Bed in a Double room Chern Hostel Bangkok, Thailand

Family Room

Yes, families also stay at hostels so they need rooms, the "Family rooms". These are rooms with three or more beds, but the most common one has four (4) beds: a double bed and one bunk. Some hostels also provide cribs.

They are ideal for small groups too. But bear in mind that three persons booking a four-bed private room will pay for four (4) persons, the room's full capacity.


These are much more private and always include a kitchen.



An ensuite room is one that includes its own private toilet and also a shower and/or bath tub.

Some hostels offer shared bathrooms, located in the hallways and others offer rooms with private bathrooms (these are known as "ensuite" bathrooms). Some offer both alternatives. Check with your hostel and read the reviews (lots of people and few shared bathrooms means crowded facilites). Ensuite options are usually more expensive but it is up to you and your budget.

there is no standard description

Different hostels and booking portals describe their rooms differently so it may be confusing at first.

Hostel ensuite private bathroom
Ensuite bathroom in a Private hostel room Jugendherberge-Berlin-International, Berlin, Germany

Summing it up

There are Dorm rooms which you share with other travelers and Private rooms -some dorms are "women only". The private rooms may or may not have a private (or "ensuite") bathroom. Private roooms can be Single: one bed for one passenger, Twin two separate beds for 2 travellers, Double a single double bed for two people or Family Rooms for more than 3 persons. There are also Apartments with kitchens.

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